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effective feminism is realizing that every struggle is not your own and that you can’t always relate

 you can always provide support and solidarity

but sometimes you gotta realize

that it’s not about you right now

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Actually me

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"It happens whenever Beyonce performs or Rihanna steps outside. Its happened when Betty Davis wore hotpants and Left Eye wore condoms as eye patches. Whenever black women own their sense of sexuality and it appears to not be controlled by the hetero-male gaze, the whole world gets into a tizzy."


Mychal Denzel Smith, 

Nicki Minaj’s butt and the politics of black women’s sexuality

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"Critics generally don’t associate Black people with ideas. They see marginal people; they see just another story about Black folks. They regard the whole thing as sociologically interesting perhaps, but very parochial. There’s a notion out in the land that there are human beings one writes about, and then there are Black people or Indians or some other marginal group. If you write about the world from that point of view, somehow it is considered lesser. We are people, not aliens. We live, we love, and we die."

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"I dont feel like twisting my hair"


every natural hair wearing black girl who is tired from work/school (via ladipinklovesteydaddy)


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"less developed countries"? you mean "more exploited countries"

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"I ended up falling in love with the moon, because it faithfully showed up, night after night."

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